Make Darteco

your strategic partner

in the mobile world

Make Darteco

your strategic partner

in the mobile world

We provide consulting, management and implementation services globally to our clients

  • Business and technology consulting
  • Project management
  • Innovation and pilot projects

Typical customer cases include

Market, customer and competitor intelligence, strategic and business planning, product and service concepting, technology evaluation and implementation plan - all in tight cooperation with customer.

SMEs: Complete products and service concepts for companies that want to grow and expand their business to the mobile and Internet ecosystem.

Startups: Helping and coaching startup companies in all their focused needs.

For more information, contact

Sami Inkinen, CEO
Ritvalanraitti 321
FIN-37720 Ritvala
Mobile: +358 40 8201167
Email: info (at)


"Back in 1990, I was working on a prototype wireless modem: a modem that connected a laptop PC to a mobile phone. At that time, the mobile phones were analog, so the modem used analog modulation for transmitting the data. Establishing and controlling the connection, however, required that the modem talked directly to the phone processor, using a serial control bus. One challenge was the PC interface: standards like PC Card or USB did not exist at that time. Fortunately, that particular laptop model had an expansion slot, even though a proprietary one. The team working on the project consisted of a total of two experts: my colleague designing the hardware, while I wrote the software with Assembler. The project was great fun; And, the fully functional wireless modem was succesfully demonstrated at the global Telecom exhibition in Geneva, in 1991.

Since those years, I have been deeply involved in the development of the mobile industry. During fourteen years at Nokia Oyj, I was managing business units, development programs and strategy projects, focusing on mobile data. Among other tasks, I was heading the company teams when establishing the Bluetooth™ consortium, and the current Mobile Java™ standardization process. More recently, I worked as CTO of Teleca AB, being in charge of corporate strategy, IPR, global quality and overall technology portfolio management.

A lot has happened in the mobile industry since 1990. However, I sincerely believe that one thing still holds: Creative and skilled individuals, having the passion to make things happen, are needed to break out from the status quo."

Sami Inkinen
Founder and CEO

Responsive design

Responsive design means creating a Web site or a Web application that adapts to the prevailing user device and screen size. Simple as that. And, with good Web frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, it is technically fairly straightforward. The difficult part comes in the concept and user interface design: how to offer an excellent usage experience in devices that vary not only in size, but also in the way they handle user input. Mouse is not quite the same as a fingertip on touch screen. Responsive design requires serious effort in the details, but the result really pays off: seamless experience, respecting the innermost nature of various device classes (and their limitations alike), yet offering the same services and features for people in the office, at home, or on the move.

Whether you need help in the concept and user interface design, or in selecting the right software tools, Darteco is ready to help you. Check out the new Kylänsaitti, the communication and co-working tool for local associations, clubs and entrepreneurs!

Mobile Web apps

Can a mobile Web app offer the same level of user experience as a native application can? In many cases, yes. During the last few years, browsers in the mobile phones and tablets have progressed at a rapid pace (although, they sometimes still possess plain bugs that the implementor had better be aware of). At the same time, new development tools and frameworks utilizing HTML5 technology have emerged. One example of such a development environment is Sencha Touch. These tools, sometimes also referred as cross-platform frameworks, provide a good alternative for creating and serving a mobile application across a variety of mobile platforms and phone models. They also offer the option for compiling the app to be delivered through app stores.

In case you want to offer a truly mobile-optimized service to your customers, aiming for a wide spectrum of phones and tablets, contact Darteco. We will tell you more how to do that in a cost-effective manner. Check out as a case example (this mobile Web app works on iOS and Android phones).